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New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice

This a novel about living and falling in love on one block in New York City. It’s a kind of love letter to New York City, the New York that I know, which has neighborhoods and seasons and the rhythms, sometimes, of a small town. In The New Yorkers, neighbors fall in and out of love, and it is their dogs– a dignified old white pit-bull named Beatrice, a puppy named Howdy discovered in the closet of a dead man, a boisterous Rottweiler named Kaiya, and Jolly, a vicious little mutt– who act as cupids.

I very consciously thought of the block as an English village, an almost timeless place that could have existed in the age of Jane Austen or Mrs. Gaskill or Trollope or that of Barbara Pym, and yet it is at the same time unmistakably New York City: New York City in the 21st century.

And…it’s illustrated by Leanne Shapton (a wonderful artist and writer–check out her book, Was She Pretty? here).